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Did you know that an investment in email marketing should result in your sales exploding?

Email Marketing should easily pay for itself and then pay you handsomely

When used correctly email marketing is amazingly cost effective.

So effective it literally pays for itself…

A recent study found the return on a typical email marketing campaign was a sensational 4,300 % (That is 43 times more than the original investment).

Do you want to enjoy these returns?

How to make Email Marketing work for you

As simple as it sounds it is vital you actually email the right people. There is actually a science to this, sadly it is not applied often enough, costing businesses millions per year.

The people or businesses you should target will depend on your marketing strategy.

The top three groups of people or businesses you should email, in profitability order are as follows:

1.    Your existing customers. People who have already bought from you are a hugely under tapped source of sales for many businesses. Email is the perfect way to further develop your relationship with those who have already purchased from you.

2.    Those who have subscribed to receive communication from your business via email. That’s why it is such a great idea to have an email subscription form on your website. It is best to target subscribers with educational type emails about your products and services. Often when these subscribers have learnt enough about your products and services they will happily buy from you.

3.    People or businesses who match the profile of those who have already purchased from you. If you know a certain type of customer frequently purchases your products and services, it is extremely likely that people or businesses with similar characteristics will be interested in buying from you. And email marketing is a cost effective way to reach out to these potential customers.

Remember if a business sends its email marketing campaign to the wrong people. Failure is guaranteed.

Now you’ve got the list right what do you do?

Common sense again. Make sure your email gets opened. Millions upon millions of pounds are thrown away on email marketing messages that don’t even get opened. 


Just like regular mail, people separate their email into two piles, the A pile and the B pile. The A pile they read the B pile they trash. You need to get your email into the A pile or it will never get read.

The critical steps to getting your email opened are as follows:

1. Email the right person (Yes it is repeated, because it is so important it needs to be mentioned twice). 

2. Make the email appear personal and relevant. Think about it would you open an email or letter that you thought was personally for you and contained information that could help you?

3. Beat the spam filters. If your email doesn’t get into the inbox, it doesn’t get read. The result, wasted money.

Once you have succeeded in getting your email opened. Your success comes down to this….

If your email marketing is excellent, your results will be excellent

Every email you send should increase the probability that the reader will buy from you. This is the primary objective of any marketing.

Now your email is opened…

It must keep the reader’s attention. Every line of your email has one task, to persuade the reader to read the next line. And all of these lines together should guide the reader towards purchasing something from you. By the end of your email the reader should feel a desire to take the action that you want them to.

This means you have to tell them the action you want them to take. You need to get them a call to action. Without a call to action you will waste all your good work. The purpose of a call to action is to move the reader further along your sales process.

What your call to action is depends entirely on the objective of your email marketing campaign, examples would be getting the reader to visit and read a page on your site, to make a business enquiry through a form on your site or to call you.

Never forget.

Your call to action must move the reader further along the sales process.

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