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written by Tom | Web Design


What makes some web pages convert so much better than others, even when they are laid out exactly the same?

The Use of Persuasion in the Copy

There are two reasons somebody doesn’t follow a call to action on a page.

1. They weren’t interested in what was being offered.

2. The page wasn’t persuasive enough.

Conversion is Persuasion

And persuasion is selling. So conversion, persuasion and selling are all exactly the same thing.

Whenever you are selling something it must be genuinely helpful to the other person. There is no longevity in selling shit.

So whenever a visitor comes to your site, you need to sell them each step of the way through the conversion process. You achieve this by guiding them to take your call to action on each page until they convert into a customer. The way in which you do this is by showing them that by acting on your call to action it will be taking them closer to the solution they are searching for.

Conversion Requires Selling

Let’s take a look at a typical conversion process for a website…

1. A visitor comes to a site

2. They follow a call to action on the landing or home page.

3. They are directed to a page that gives them all the information they need to make a buying decision regarding the product or service they are interested in.(This is where the majority of the selling will take place, to do a good job here you really need to understand your customers.)

4. At the bottom of this page is a call to action which instructs them to phone the company whose website they are on.

5. They phone the company and place an order.

6. Conversion Completed.

Every step of this conversion process required selling skills. These skills are as follows:

Initiating, Understanding, Advising and Finalising.

In future blog posts I will take a closer look at these specific selling skills and how they apply getting the most out of your website.

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