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Have you ever wondered why some websites return their practices investment ten-fold whereas other sites leave their owner out of pocket?

Dental Web Design should be a great investment

So where do most dentists go wrong with Dental Web Design?

Focusing on the wrong things….

This is an expensive mistake, not only costing them their initial investment. But losing them the returns they would have made if they had prioritised correctly.

So, what do so many companies mistakenly focus on?

Site aesthetics (often incorrectly referred to as branding). Aesthetics is just one piece of the branding puzzle, not the whole puzzle. Of course, the look of your site is important.

But for a dentist to make colour schemes, logos and pictures the primary focus of their web design is a foolish and financially fatal mistake.

So how do you get the most out of your web design?

How can a Dentist like you get a Great Return with Web Design?

By putting your marketing strategy first.

Your web strategy needs to perfectly align with your overall marketing strategy. Get this right and you will see the number of patients coming to your practice dramatically increase.

Strategy is the key to intelligent web design that unlocks the door so you start to receive the results you deserve.

Once your priority is on aligning your web design with your marketing strategy. Web design tools such as User Experience Optimisation, Copywriting, Branding, Visitor Conversion, SEO, Web Analytics and Content Management can be put to work to ensure every detail of your site is pushing you towards your goals.

Your Site Should be Turning Visitors into Patients

When a site visitor arrives on your page.

The objective is simple…

To help them become a patient. The ease of this process will come down to you having designed the user experience and visitor conversion components of your site in a way which allows a visitor to gather the information they need from your site.

And then help them to contact your dental practice and become a patient.

Correctly using these components in your web design will help you generate heaps more patients through your website.

We have seen dental practices increase their online enquiries by more than 3000 %(that’s more than 30 times), by including these components into their web design.

What should the primary purpose be of every part of your website?

To Increase the Number of New Patients Joining your Practice

Would you like your website to maximise the return on your investment? Would you like to get more new patients? Would you like to reach your professional goals faster?

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