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Did you know most dental practices who pay for SEO services are throwing away their hard earned money…

A Dirty Secret about SEO a lot of people don’t want you to know

SEO is not as complicated as some people would have you believe. There are no magic tricks.

Search engine algorithms are designed to connect people with valuable information as quickly as possible.

Their goal is to return every search enquiry with the most relevant high quality information. And the ability of search engines to achieve this goal is increasing all the time.

In short you cannot trick search engines.  To rank highly in search engine rankings you need to have a properly built website(even though most dental websites I see are built incredibly badly ) with excellent content. That is 90% of the battle for a good search engine ranking.

Take care of the 90% before Spending on Dental SEO

If a dentist doesn’t have a correctly built website with quality content. The smartest investment they can make is to get these areas up to standard.

A correctly built website makes the content of a site easy for search engines to understand. If a search engine cannot understand your site, its quality is irrelevant.

Correct web design principles for SEO include the correct use of HTML. Well written title and meta key words. And the inclusion of a site map so search engines can easily navigate the site.

As already mentioned search engines reward the most relevant sites with the best content by ranking them highest. So what do sites with quality content have in common?

They all contain information that is useful. This can be in the form of a blog, educational articles or guides about the products and services they offer.

Making Money with SEO

So how do you make money with SEO?

A visitor to your site via a search engine has a greater chance of becoming a patient at your practice than a typical visitor to your site.

They are actively searching for a solution to a problem and the search engine has suggested your site can provide a solution. For example they need emergency dental treatment and have type "emergnecy dentists"  for their area in Google.

If this proves to be the case, there is a higher than normal chance that this visitor will get treatment from your practice. Visitors to your website via search are more valuable leads.

SEO is essentially a strategy for communicating information to search engines. You’re marketing to search engines to inform them that you’re delivering the highest quality content for a certain keyword.

Tactics to ensure your SEO strategy is successful.

Get your keywords right (SEO is keyword driven you need to select them carefully).

Provide a strong user experience (Your website needs to have short page load times, site maps and original content).

Signal Authority (Have back links to your site and continuously update your site over time).

Quality Content (Update your site often, provide internal linking for easy navigation, have depth of content, received social media signals and have back links to your website).

By combining the correct SEO strategy with the right SEO tactics you will rank higher in search engines resulting in more site visitors and increased sales.

Increase your Sites Quantity and Quality of Traffic

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