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Are you a dentist wanting to increase your sales fast? Are you looking for the right online strategy which doesn’t take up all your time?

A strategy which works almost immediately and saves you from wasting time and money on things that don’t.

YOUR SEO FOUNDATION: Get your keywords right

To double your sales fast, you need to learn how to build the right foundation by choosing keywords which help you increase sales not just drive traffic. Just driving traffic is like having a shop with lots of people visiting every day but buying nothing. We want people who buy.

The number one mistake people and Search Engine Optimisation companies make with keyword research is they go to the Google Keyword Suggestion tool. Type in some keywords pick the ones with the highest search traffic, see that they have huge completion and decide to go for it anyway.

In many cases this is a mistake especially if your competitors have more resources to throw at their advertising campaigns.

The other strategy frequently recommended by “SEO Experts” is to suggest a low competition keyword. The problem with this approach is it isn’t searched enough to provide any return on your investment in Search Engine Optimisation.

Don’t do this either. The money you make from the traffic you attract using a certain keyword must exceed the cost of attracting the traffic.

Getting Keyword Research Right

Every keyword has an intrinsic value.

You want keywords specific to your business. For example, if you are an Dentist in Brentwood, Essex. The keyword “Dentists Brentwood” is far more valuable when compared to “Dentists”. This is the same for every industry whether you are Damp Proofing Company in Essex or Plumber in Manchester.

Selecting the right keyword is a balance between the volume of searches the keyword receives and the percentage of these searches who are likely to purchase from you.

The “Dentists” keyword will have a lot more searches than the “Dentists Brentwood” keyword. But the intent of the "Dentists Brentwood” keyword will be far higher. 100% of the people searching this keyword are interested in Dentists in your town.

Let’s look at this closer:

Statisitcs shows the average patient spends £1,000 a year at their dental practice. And an average patient stays with their practice for 10 years. So each new patient to a practice is worth on average £10,000.

Let's say  the monthly search volume for “Dentists” is 673,000 and for “Dentists Brentwood” is 390.

So, the total potential monthly value of the keyword “Dentists” is £673 million and the value of “Dentists Brentwood” is £390,000.

But of the 673,000 people who searched “Dentists” only a very small percentage of them will be able to or willing to travel to your practice. Out of all the people in the world searched “Dentists” perhaps only 0.00001%.

Now you see a difference in the values of the two words. To the Dental Practice in Brentwood the intrinsic value of the keyword “Dentists Brentwood” is far higher than the keyword “Dentists”.

To double your sales fast, you need to choose keywords with a high intrinsic value. Traffic without sales is pointless.

You need to find a balance between generic and specific keywords. Balancing search volume with commercial intent. It is a never ceasing balancing act but when you find the sweet spot you will be richly rewarded.

Have a think about the perfect keywords for your business. Write down at least five. Remember it is all about balance.

I recommend you try at least two keywords for your town included in the phrase. For example "Dentists Romford" and "Emergency Dentist Romford".

Test your SEO Keywords

Let’s see how your visitors feel about the keywords you have come up with.

Type your keywords into Google and take not of the paid ads which are displayed.

If there three ads displayed above the organic results it is very likely you have a keyword or keyword phrase which converts extremely well.

So, what I the quickest way to determine whether a keyword is worth investing in?

Get in touch with a Dental SEO Expert or run a Google Ad or BingAd Campaign to test the performance of your chosen keywords.

If you go down the ad campaign road. The purpose is not to get high in the search engine rankings it is to test how well your keyword converts. It’s to stop you from wasting your time and money on a keyword which doesn’t put money in your pocket.

Set up a campaign and choose your “target area”.

Choose “search network” as your network and enter your keywords into the “keywords” area.

Add a link to a page on your website so we can monitor the results of the ad campaign.

Point the chosen keywords to the relevant page on your website and let the ad receive around 250 clicks.

Check your analytics. If you haven’t got analytics with your website. Do it now.

Look for the number of times your page was visited. And the number of times a conversion was made. A conversion means somebody went from the ad to your page and took the action you wanted. That could be made an enquiry, subscribed to your newsletter or bought something.

Let’s assume you paid £100.00 you receive 1,600 impressions. And from these impressions you had a very conservative 26 clicks. And only two of these clicks resulted in enquiries. And of these enquiries only one resulted in a sale.

The sale was for £490.00.

Subtract the cost of the ad campaign of £100.00 you have made a profit of £390.00. £390.00 from one  investing £100.00.

Now lets go into it deeper on average this patient will spend £1,000 a year for ten years. So a small investment of £100.00 really gives your practice an increase of £9,990 over a ten year period.

This means each visitor to your site using this specific keyword is worth £384.23. This number is calculated by dividing your profit by the number of users it took to generate the sale.

Over the course of the year this adds a substantial amount of money to your pocket.


Getting your keywords right is the first step of your SEO strategy when you get this right everything else will fall into place for you.

Now let's make a 30 day schedule for making amazing increases in traffic for your dental practice.

1st Day: Commit to a Schedule of Publishing Blog Posts or Articles

The key thing here is to commit to publishing quality blog posts. 1 quality blog post a week trumps 10 awful ones. Be realistic with how many pieces of quality content you can publish to your site per week. Then commit to it. Stick with it, even if you can't think of anything to write just start writing until you have something that is worthy of publishing on your site.

Some Content Ideas you can Publish

Write a List - "7 things you need to know about your teeth."

Write your thoughts on Industry News - "My thoughts on the latest _________"

Write about a life lesson - "What I learnt at ______"

Write an open letter your patients - The letter could be asking them for feedback on how to make your practice better.

How much should you Write?

Always aim to exceed 1000 words, somewhere around the 2000 word mark is the optimum mark to rank high in search engines. Remember google ranks pages not websites. 

Your first priority should be quality. Once you have satsifed this requirement the longer your content the better as long as it does not dillute the quality of your post.

Remember don't worry about what to write just write something relevant to your the keywords you are targeting. And make it useful and interesting to your patients.

Most importantly. Get started today.

Make a list of topics to write about. And commit to sticking to your content schedule.

2nd Day: Run a Free Competition for your Patients with a Prize Worth Winning

Coming tomorrow.


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