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Have you ever wanted to know how to generate more sales through your website? Has it ever seemed an impossible task?

Increasing Online Sales is Not Rocket Science

There are only three ways to increase your online sales.

1. Increase your Traffic (If your conversion rate is zero, this won’t work)

2. Increase your Average Online Transaction Value(This means receive more money per online order)

3. Improve your Conversion Rate


Online Sales Revenue = Web Site Traffic x Average Transaction value x Conversion Rate

Let’s take a closer look at each of these methods of increasing your online sales.


Increasing Traffic:

Driving more visitors to your site will result in more visitors entering your sales funnel. The hope of this method is that enough of these visitors will go through your sales funnel and convert into online sales. The success of this method will largely depend on the quality of the visitors you attract to your site. (By quality of visitor I mean how closely they fit your ideal buyer’s profile)

The main drawback of this method is that it will require marketing methods which will cost you money. These methods include Advertising, SEO and PR. (Most business choose this method to increase their online sales. Unfortunately this method is responsible for many businesses losing a lot of money very quickly.)

If you really want to use this option I would advise that you use blogging as your primary tactic to increase your website’s traffic. Blogging is a great way to attract in-bound leads. (This means leads who find your website because of your site’s content.)And these leads will continue to be attracted to your site for years after the blog post is published.

Studies have shown that the more blog posts you publish, the more traffic your site will attract. They also indicate that once your blog passes a critical mass of posts you will see significant increases in traffic to your site. (This tipping point was 401 blog posts according to hubspot). One thing I want you to be aware of is that your posts need to be of sufficient quality, publishing shit will not help your businesses one bit.

To succeed with blogging you need to be stick with blogging on a regular schedule and publish content that is interesting and relevant to the people or businesses you are targeting.


The 4 main benefits of blogging are:

1. It doesn’t cost you anything. (Only your time)

2. It will attract higher quality visitors to your site.

3. It is an evergreen method of attracting leads. (A blog post will attract leads to your site for years after you have posted it)

4. It helps position you as an expert in your field.


Once you have got going with blogging, you can move onto other methods of increasing your traffic. But always pick the low hanging fruit first. (This is especially true for small businesses. Taking the effort to regularly make blog posts will put you so far ahead of most of the competition, without having to break the bank)

And remember when you start using other methods of increasing traffic. Test everything! This is critical. By testing and keeping a close eye on results you can minimise your losses if something you’re trying is not working.

PS If you are paying somebody to help you increase traffic, it is even more important to test everything. You want to know if what you are paying for is producing results. (Sadly a lot of the time results aren’t achieve by so called experts)


Getting More Money from Every Online Transaction

Increasing your Average Online Transaction Value:

If you increase the value of your average online transaction, and maintain your site’s traffic and conversion rate. Your online sales revenue will increase. It is the least used of the three methods to increase your online sales.

I suspect the reason for this is that many business fear the impact a rise in the amount they are asking for every transaction will have on their sales revenue.

In reality most businesses have a demand for their products or services that is significantly more inelastic than they suspect. (Inelastic means that customers are less responsive to price changes when making a purchasing decision. An example of an extremely inelastic product would be petrol.)

So how do you go about increasing your average online transaction value?

You can use any of the following methods:

Cross-Selling (Sell an additional product or service to the one that is being purchased)

Up-Selling (Persuade customers to purchase more expensive items, upgrade their current purchase or buy add-ons)

Increase your Prices (Sounds simple but it often works. Test It.)

Packaging your Products or Services Together (Putting things together can increase the amount a customer is willing to spend on a transaction.)

All of the above methods will be assisted if your site is full of quality content. Content which helps your customers understand the best way to reach their own particular goals.

If you are an expert in your field. And provide content demonstrating this on your site. Your customers will view you as a trusted advisor.

And they will be happy to pay a premium for your products or services. As what you are offering them is genuine quality and is the going to help them reach their goals. (See overlapping your goals with your visitors in my blog post “Why Most People who are Succeeding Online Nearly Always have Web Design that Converts”)

Small Tweaks in your Conversion Process can Make you Big Money

If you improve your conversion rate you will increase your online sales revenue without spending a penny.

There are thousands of small tweaks you can make which cost practically nothing to implement. Yet by building these tweaks in to your web design. You can make a lot more money from your website very quickly.

Examples of Conversion Tweaks Include:

1. Fewer Clicks to Checkout

2. Demonstrating your Expertise

3. Improving your Unique Selling Proposition

4. Displaying Strong Testimonials

5. Improving the Navigation of your Website

6. Providing Guarantees

7. Improving your Web Design

8. Using Font that is Easier to Read

9. Have a Colour Scheme that makes your Content Easy to Follow

10. Adding a Call to Action

11. Changing the Colour of your Call to Action Buttons

12. Changing the Wording of your Call to Action

13. Improving the Headlines on your Homepage

14. Improve the Headlines on your Landing Pages

15. Improving the Copy on your Home Page

16. Improving the Copy on your Landing Pages

Conversion is the foundation of online success. Without conversion built into your web design you will be leaving money on the table. I strongly advise you make the starting point when attempting to increase your online sales. Not only is it the quickest way to achieve this. It also gives you a multiplied effect to your results when you move on to increasing your traffic and raising your average online transaction value.

This is why I suggest you always start with conversion.

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