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Did you know the quality of the content on your website can be the difference between a potential patient buying from you rather than the competition? 

Content Marketing can tip the odds in your favour...

Potential Patients Want Educational Content Before they Join your Practice

The average buyer spends 79 days of active research before making a purchasing decision (unless they need emergency dental treatment).

Let’s take a closer look at what goes on during this research…

Prospective patients are hunting for quality content. They are doing this to educate themselves about the treatment they are thinking about having.

From the moment a potential patient begins seeking information about a dental product or service, they have entered the patient conversion process.

When a potential patient finds some content on a dental practice's website they have entered into the patient conversion process. This type of visitor to your website is extremely valuable. They have a high probability of joining your practice.

Quality content makes a site more likely to attract new patients in two ways.

They make the site more likely to be found by prospective buyers during their research. Search engines prefer quality content.

And prospective buyers have a higher chance of moving through the patient conversion process of a dentist whose website provides content that is helpful and interesting.

So why do so many dental websites get limited enquiries from their site visitors?

Why Most Dental Websites Don't Attract New Patients

Most dental sites have awful content.

For a site to produce sales it needs visitors to actually spend some time on the site engaging with what is being said. This is achieved with quality content. Getting site visitors to engage with the site’s content is a huge step towards increasing the amount of new patients a dental practice acquires.

Quality content increases the amount of time a visitor spends on a site. This begins to guide them towards becoming a patient at your practice. Every second longer a prospective patient stays on your website the higher the probability they will become a patient.

Poor content results in visitors leaving a site. Game over. No New Patient.

What makes a piece of content poor?

A piece of content is poor if it does not result in a prospective patient move closer to joining your practice.

The most common causes of poor content are as follows…

Bad web design. If the content is difficult to read, it will not get read. Content that doesn’t get read is poor.

Arrogance. Nobody cares about how many certificates and degrees your dentists have. They care about what a your dentists can do for them. Arrogance will swiftly turn off a prospective patient. Make it all about the prospective patient not your dentists.

Unhelpful. If the content doesn’t help the prospective patient learn more about the product or service they are interested in. They will stop engaging with your website.

A poor headline. The headline is read first. If this doesn’t entice the visitor to engage with your content you cannot move them closer towards becoming a patient of your practice.

No Call to Action. If the visitor to your site  is not told what to do next there is a distinct chance they will not stay on your website. They need to be guided closer towards joining your dental practice.

So how do you make sure your site is full of quality content?

How to Attract More Patients to your Practice

Content Marketing is a long term strategy. Results will not come over night. It is based on building a strong relationship with both your patients and your prospective patients. You achieve this by regularly giving them high quality content that is relevant to them. This builds trust. And when a prospective patient is ready for dental treatment they will choose you over the competition.

You need to make sure that your content provides great information about all of your dental products and services. It should be an enjoyable educational experience for visitors to your site. Do not be afraid to go into depth. The more you tell the more you sell.

The best content is created with an in depth understanding of the process which a patient goes through when choosing which practice they will join.

Once you know this it is a case of creating content that helps them make this decision.

There are a number of ways in which you can do this. Methods include the use of a blog, in-depth articles, buyer’s guides and case studies.

A bonus of your site being full of quality content is that traffic to your site will soar. 

This is because your site will be providing answers to the search engine queries of potential patients. Results can be maximised by carefully crafting your content to naturally use keywords your potential patients are interested in.

Remember content marketing is a long term investment. It is not a short term magic trick. But in the long run it will provide you with a profitable stream of highly qualified leads that are interested in purchasing your products or services. And allow you to benefit from loyal patients who will stay at your dental practice for a long time.

Build Trust, Sell More and be Loved by Search Engines

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